Radiology Associates of Hackettstown
57 Route 46, Suite 212
Hackettstown, NJ 07840
(908) 979-1621 | Fax (908) 852-2393

Our patients are important!

As a small facility we pride ourselves on "going the extra mile" when it comes to our patients.  We offer a level of service that a larger facility simply couldn't manage. 

Our staff genuinely cares about our patients, and tries their best to make sure your needs are satisfied.

Our TrueForm magnet with gradient design fits the true form of the human body. This results in larger imaging volume compared to conventional designs, higher image quality in all body regions due to its innovative hardware technology as well as new application and processing features.
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Our facility is owned and operated by three board certified radiologists who live and work in the immediate area.  This is a hometown facility, and our doctors take great pride and care in their work.  Competent and friendly staff were chosen to work here who look forward to serving you and providing you the best medical care available.
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